Photographing, Reading, and Filming Hannah

"Hannah Arendt" official movie poster

They made a movie about Hannah Arendt.  I mean, who wouldn’t watch this:

This 2012 film is a cinematic portrait directed by German filmmaker Margarethe von Trotta of Hannah Arendt (Barbara Sukowa), a remarkable German American political theorist whom the University of Notre Dame recognized with an honorary degree in 1972. The film follows the four years, (1960-64), that Arendt observes, writes, and endures the furious reception for her work about the trial of the Nazi war criminal, Adolf Eichmann. In her work on this trial, Arendt coined the phrase “the banality of evil” to describe Eichmann and the thoughtlessness of conformity and obedience of ordinary individuals.

Watching Arendt as she attends the trial, staying by her side as she is both barraged by her critics and supported by a tight band of loyal friends, we experience the intensity of this powerful Jewish woman who fled Nazi Germany in 1933. The fierce, chain-smoking Arendt is an exile who is happy and flourishing in America, but whose penetrating vision makes her an outsider wherever she goes.

More to the point, we’re starting The Human Condition in a couple weeks and people may want to run on out and snatch up their copy.  The edition I have can be purchased here; and it looks like this:

The Human Condition (2nd Edition)

Of course, there’s a strong chance that our good friends down at Book Haven might have it too.  I wonder if they would sponsor us.  They could pay for t-shirts and buy us hot dogs for after the game.  Wait.

I suspect that I’m going to fall madly in love with Arendt, if only because of the wonderful pictures people took of her.

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