Specters of Derrida

It looks like Derrida took the day.  So Specters of Marx it is.  You can buy the new edition here.  Unfortunately, Routledge changed the pagination on the new edition and the old one (that I have) costs nearly 50 dollars.  Oh well.

If we are going to read Derrida, I have a proposal: we all just accept that he intentionally hid what he meant behind difficult language.  He loved Heidegger.  He thought the whole poetic philosophy thing was just chic as hell.  So, let’s just take it and read it in good faith and see if we can’t get something meaningful from the book.  The reason I say this is because I read the intro to Specters last night and I immediately had a terrible flashback to all the arguments about the man’s value that I had in the early years of my coursework – and the arguments were not about his value as a writer, but as a human being.  The fierceness of some people’s hatred for Derrida disquiets my soul.  Let’s have a clean fight, is all I’m saying.

The book is conveniently divided.  I figure we can do it in four weeks: Chapter 1, Chapters 2 & 3, Chapter 4, and then conclude.

People from the Frankfort School came in second, so I vote we read something by Adorno or Benjamin after Derrida.



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