Kierkegaard for the Win

Titian: Abraham and Isaac

It sounds like people want to stick with SK a bit longer.  Instead of moving right on to Specters of Marx, we will take a detour through Kierkegaard’s Repetition.  You can buy it here.

One thing that occurred to me about the Caravaggio (above) and why it is better than, say, the Titian (farther above) is that Abraham is holding the knife like a dude who has cut something before.  There is none of this dramatic over-the-head plunging, which I think makes the painting more powerful and makes Abraham seem like a more serious son of a bitch.

That said, the Titian is dizzying.  That perspective and the feeling that everything is about to tumble onto the viewer is pretty kick-ass.  And that’s probably why his giant sword is way up over his head – over our heads.

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2 Responses to Kierkegaard for the Win

  1. History of Capitalism says:

    Sorry for not coming to Kierkegaard, but I already read Specters of Marx and it is SO GOOD! When are ya’ll starting that?

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