The German Ideology

File:The German Ideology.jpg

The votes are in.  The winner is clear. Buy this edition here.

It is unclear exactly how many favors we have done ourselves by opting for the German Ideology, but we said we were going to read Marx. The schedule follows. Page numbers correspond to the edition above.

Week 1, read to: 4. Most Extensive Division of Labour. Large-Scale Industry (81)
Week 2, read to: 1. The Unique and his Property (130)
Week 3, read to: C. The Impurely Impure History of Spirits (176)
Week 4, read to: A. Political Liberalism (208)
Week 5, read to: The New Testament: Ego (257)
Week 6, read to: 4. Peculiarity (319)
Week 7, read to: C. Crime in the Orinary and Extraordinary Sense (363)
Week 8, read to: III. Union (412)
Week 9, read to: 6. Solomon’s Song of Songs or The Unique (452)
Week 10, read to: First Cornerstone (500)
Week 11, read to: The Limitations of Papa Cabet and Herr Grün (546)
Week 12, read to: Conclusion (568)
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    Who’s excited?!?!?!?!

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